Business Platform


Carbon Platform

Profit center that includes production and sale of a variety of granular and powdered activated carbons. Activated carbon is produced at three manufacturing facilities in the Unites States. In 2000, $125 million of activated carbon sales accounted for 46% of total corporate revenue.

Consumer Health Platform


Profit center that includes three distinct businesses: carbon cloth; lump charcoal and briquettes; and new consumer products based on the Company’s technologies already proven in large-scale industrial applications. In 2000, Consumer Health’s sales of $21 million accounted for 8% of Total corporate revenue.

Engineered Solutions

Profit center that designs, builds, and operates systems that utilize three technologies: carbon adsorption, ultraviolet light, and advanced ion exchange separation. In 2000, Engineered Solutions’ sales of $33 million accounted for 12% of total corporate revenue.

Service Platform 

Profit center which provides reactivation and other carbon-related services. Includes six carbon reactivation facilities in Europe, Japan, and the Unites States, and the leasing, monitoring, and maintenance of mobile adsorption equipment. In 2000, Service sales of $91 million accounted for 34% of total corporate revenue.


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