Types of Activated Carbon

Chemviron Carbon produces a very large range of granular, pelleted and powder activated carbon including acid washed and impregnated products for use in a wide range of air, gas, water and process applications. These products come in a range of different sizes and pore structures optimised for different applications. Some of the major types are listed below.
Granular carbon


The Filtrasorb range of granular activated carbons are recognised as the standard for drinking water treatment and are installed in nearly 1000 water works in Europe, The United States and Asia. Filtrasorb carbons are available in a range of different activities and sizes optimised for different applications in drinking, process and waste water treatment.


These are the leading range of granular activated carbons for the purification and decolorisation of food and aqueous and organic liquids. CPG LF is acid washed for the purification of low pH liquids or where very high purity is demanded. CaneCAL is specially developed for decolorising cane sugar liquors.
Pellet carbon


A range of premium 4mm pellet activated carbon for air purification and gas treatment applications demanding high performance and purity such as steam regenerated solvent recovery and catalyst/support.


A standard range of 3 and 4mm pellet activated carbons for air purification applications such as the removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
AP3-60 in ERICA cillinders


A range of powder activated carbons suitable for a wide range of applications including water treatment and purification and decolorisation of liquids. A number of different activities, size ranges as well as acid washed versions for very high purity applications are available.


Fluesorb B is a powder activated carbon specially developed for the removal of dioxins and mercury from Incinerator Flue Gas.


A range radically enhanced activated carbon combining traditional adsorption capacity with dramatically increased catalytic power.