W I N N O W E R 


APPLICATION      Suitable for cleaning small amounts of seed like pre-cleaning samples, small scale seed production, improvement- and selection activities.

OPERATION          In the winnower an airstream is activated by an centrifugal ventilator.   The speed of the air stream is electronically adjustable.   The seeds that have to be cleaned can be separated from the rough chaff by means of a screen.  The finer chaff and the seeds fall trough in a funnel, there it will pass trough the adjustable funnel opening and come into the airstream.   If the force of the airstream has been properly adjusted, all the fine chaff and the bad seeds will be blow away and the usable seeds will fall into the collection tray.     CLEANINGEXAMPLE


CONTROLLS                  Switch     0    1    2             with airstreamspeed regulator
                                                            0                  =     off
                                                                  1            =     function for machine cleaning
                                                                         2     =     function in combination with
                                                                                       airstreamspeed regulator

CONSTRUCTION          The winnower is complete designed of epoxy-coated 
                                           (RAL  9010)  point-welded galvanised sheet metal.

PARTICULAIR                 Delivered with extra collection tray.
                                            Handscreens separate available.

GUARANTEE                 12 months                      PRICE LIST  ( NL )


Energie consumption
Protection class
Ventilator is thermal protected
Workarea temperature
Size (l x b x h)
Contents collectiontray

In accordance with CE norms


230V / 50 Hz
0,9 A (at 230V)
IP 10

< 40 gr. Celcius
ap. 25 KG
61 X 24 X 61 cm.
ap. 5,5 litre

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